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Pastificio Lucio Garofalo

The history of pasta Garofalo dates from the late eighteenth century, when, with a special law, the Council of the Municipality of Gragnano gave to Michael Garofalo an exclusive concession for making pulp. This favored the development of the pasta factory, which grew more and more, so much so that in the early 1920s, when it rose the first mills in Gragnano, the Pastificio Garofalo seems that was considered one of the largest existing pasta. It was an engineer of Ferdinand I who invented the "Bronze Man" to replace the feet of the populace in amalgamating the mix which laid the foundations for the first pasta production facilities to take on an "industrial" dimension and which were located in Gragnano. Gragnano, with its mills and water springs, ideal in terms of mineral composition for making the mix, with its legendary artisan and almost mythical tradition tied to the production of pasta, with its roads lined with long pasta left out to dry and its sunny rooftops covered with drying short pasta, celebrated by writers, poets and historians, became the "home of pasta". Over the years, both the district and its professions have changed. But in the gestures of the people, know-how and skills continue to remain as, above all, does a pasta with a flavour and a consistency of 500 years of experience and experiences