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Our Story

The first time Marco and Luigi shake hands is when they are wearing a blue school uniform and backpack, much too big for their little bodies. This happened many years ago at school, when they were only 6 years old.  Raised in Sorrento, Italy, a place known for its coastal beauty and culinary richness, it is no wonder the two boys grow up with an extraordinary palate and passion for good food.


But the world is big, and so the paths of these two ambitious young men inevitably separate as they begin their own life journeys.


Marco escapes to the bustling city of Sydney, Australia, in search of a new horizon and exciting experience. Luigi works and travels across Europe – France, England, Holland, before deciding that it’s time to leave the European continent and venture further beyond. Ironically, it is Sydney where he chooses to start the next chapter of his life.


Unaware of each other’s whereabouts over the years, the next time Marco and Luigi shake hands is on Bondi Beach in Australia. Pulling back their sun glasses, squinting to make sure that they have not mistaken the person in front of them, the two embrace some 20 years later. Is it fate? Who knows, but it is incredibly odd that they meet on the other side of the world!


They soon discover that this fate meeting did not happen by accident. The two start reminiscing. Sitting on a surfboard with the city skyline silhouetted against the shades of sunset, they start to confess their yearning for home. Most significant is their nostalgia for the distinct flavours of produce from Sorrento. Flavours that they have never been able to find in their travels. Flavours that haven’t been replaced by other new flavours since their departure. Flavours that they would love to share with those who have not yet had the possibility of trying. Flavours that they would once again love to savour…..


One evening in 2012, while the two men sip on a glass of wine, Marco and Luigi open up the very same discussion about how they would do anything to eat a fresh fior di latte from the small cheese factory, steps away from their homes in Sorrento.


With the increase in expatriates and a history of emigration, Italians are present in every corner of the globe and have transformed areas in their new homelands to replica a little slice of Italy.  However, the selection and authenticity of products is sometimes limited, and the often overinflated prices attached to anything ‘Imported from Italy’ make such products available to a select few.


The third time Marco and Luigi shake hands is while they embark on bringing to fruition one of their biggest projects and greatest challenges: Sud Bazàr.


Combining the genius of one computer programmer with the entrepreneurial know-how and expertise in the tourism sector of the other, Luigi and Marco develop an e-commerce website that sells local products from independent producers that are full of flavor, that are of quality and that are typical to the South of Italy. A product range that is accessible to anyone around the world at a price, above all, that can be enjoyed by the average person. 


Food is not the only product to be showcased on Sud Bazàr. It is anything that is exclusively Made in South Italy, including fashion, design, homewares and more – anything that characterises Italian style. The aim is for Sud Bazàr to be the main gateway to Southern Italy from the web!


Thanks to Sud Bazàr, hundreads of products from South Italy now travel the globe so that anyone can feel that they are in Italy no matter how far away.

Sud Bazàr: Made in South Italy direct to your door