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Customer Care

At Sud Bazàr, being a sustainable business means we are committed to providing our customers with the best possible products and the most outstanding customer service that we can.


We are committed to making every interaction with a customer fast, respectful, and honest- an experience that will ultimately engender continuing loyalty to Sud Bazàr. Resolving complaints is part of this process and is something that we take very seriously. We have a dedicated, hand-picked, and specially trained team at our Customer Care centre that are the front line of our customer service efforts.

Our Customer Care Team

Based in Meta di Sorrento, Italy our customer care operations run 8 hours a day (Central European Time), Monday to Saturday, excluding national holidays. No matter where in the world a customer is contacting us, we want their experience to be personal, friendly and as ‘local’ as possible. We can communicate via email and social media, Twitter and Facebook, in English, Italian, Japanese and Spanish, although on the phone we only speak English and Italian.

The Customer Care team works with other teams across the business to analyse why our customers contact us so we can identify areas to improve and change, and enhance customers’ overall experience of using Sud Bazàr.


How we Talk to our Customers

We aim to respond to a customer within 24 hours by email and social media. We are also committed to responding to every contact quickly and to provide a quality of service that will encourage loyalty and keep customers coming back. 

Handling Customer Complaints

Customers are instructed to direct their concerns, questions, and complaints to us via the Get in Touch page on SudBazar.com. The majority of the complaints we receive, however, come via our Customer Care centre, who then refer them to our dedicated “escalations” team.

When we receive a complaint, we send an immediate acknowledgement email to the customer. We aim to respond to or resolve their complaint as quickly as possible, including situations where incorrect or faulty items have been sent. If a mistake has been made with the order, we will reply within 24 hours and send the correct item to the customer with next day courier service.


Delivery Refunds

When an order is late, we investigate the matter. If the parcel can’t be found, we arrange a replacement, refund the delivery charge, and give our customers 10% off their next order.